Friday, August 20, 2010

Foreign Sand

Reverse the sands of time 
 and travel across the ocean
to a sandbox in China
an ocean away

grab a stick and draw in the sand 
Now flash forward 
 cross over the ocean
to a sandbox much smaller 
and within reach
What could be going through her mind
while she experiences this stark contrast?
I carefully watch her expression, 
she goes into a state of disconnect
 Containing my own emotion 
   I watch my little girl stand
foreign sand

My life is in a box,
Filled with sand.
Full of moments and instances,
That overflow through my hands.
Sometimes I question,
Why I live this kind of dream.
Where everything is chaos,
And madness is to every bit extreme.

My life is set on sand,
That sinks my feet.
It keeps me afloat everything else,
While burying monsters beneath.
Sometimes I wonder,
Why I settle for this kind of dream.
Where anything can happen,
Like my feet seeping through the streams.

My life is set in a sandbox,
Of familiar make.
It is my very own substance,
That nobody in the world can ever take.
Sometimes I query,
Why I settle for this kind of dream.
Where nothing is out of my reach,
Not even the unseen.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wild Times

At the Zoo!

What a great night we had
with good friends Alex and Olivia
and their wonderful Mom Debbie

Sasha was not very interested in the animals,
she said "no" and "bye bye" 
to the anteaters
and the ostrich
and she did not care to see any animals at all
(I think it was a little scary)
but what a great time she had 
running and playing and laughing!
Debbie is a special lady
while I was waiting to travel to China to adopt Sasha 
she reached out to me, a complete stranger
and invited me to meet her for coffee
I listened while she shared her stories, 
stories that gave me a much needed dose of courage
she is a wonderful person
and I am grateful for her wisdom 
and she has a lot of wisdom to share
Sasha and Olivia have a lot in common,
they both came home to their Forever Families 
at around the same age
and they have the same middle name!
and they are both very beautiful 
Olivia watched over Sasha on the playground

Ava Rose and Alex were busy climbing and posing

sheer joy

Olivia took a little break
and they were off and running!

what a wonderful summer night 

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mission Statement

This Summer At Mommy Camp
we will be
using our noodles
and jumping through hoops
to make sure camp is 
going full speed ahead
and warming up
to reach new altitudes

learning as we go
gaining a higher perspective
sharing the love
our head counselor Mom
and junior counselor WenJuan
are promising happy campers
and making every day count
enjoying good times and good friends
see you at camp tomorrow


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