Sunday, October 18, 2009

A Little Song And Dance

Please join us for a performance in the park:
 Xiao Bai Tu 
"Little White Bunny"
by Tian Tian

xiǎo báitù, bái yòu bái

小   白兔,    白 又 白,

liǎng zhī ěrduǒ shù qǐlái

两    只   耳朵   竖   起来,

ài chī luóbo hé qīngcài

爱 吃  萝卜 和     青菜,

bèngbèng tiàotiào zhēn kěài

 蹦  蹦      跳 跳    真    可爱

xiǎo báitù guāiguāi, bǎ mén kāikāi
māma huílái, wǒ yào jìnlái
kuàikāi kuàikāi kuàikuài kāi
māma huílái le
wǒ lái bǎ mén kāi

English translation:
Little White Rabbit, white and white
With two ears standing up.
Loves eating carrots, loves eating cabbage,
Jumping around, so lovely.
My cute little white rabbit

open the door for me

Mom returns home, I will come on in

I will open the door in a hurry

Mom returns home,

I will open the door for you.

See the bunny ears?
Our precious bunny in the park
Liuzhou, October 31, 2009

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