Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lady In Red

Lovely Miss Ava Rose...

...sitting on the Rolling Ridge Red Couch
( which is located in our living room, not the White Swan Hotel )

...dressed and ready for the FCC Chinese New Year party

...wearing her dress from China


2010: Year Of The Tiger

what a beautiful cake and it tasted good too

Dragon Dance

Cousins having fun

lucky little sister Tian Tian has a
very special big sister waiting for her

Happy Chinese New Year


  1. nice warm and coz,i will sleep in there in my dream tonight.sisters look great with qipao.plz not forget our little man,he will be great with tangzhuang haha,maybe i can buy one for him. Jie

  2. haha~! The girls looks beatiful in Red Qipao and really China. ;)
    this year is rabbit year. my year. haha!


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