Thursday, July 01, 2010

The Journey Is The Reward


is where the heart is,
I am leaving mine in China. 
Ever since we arrived 
I have been thinking
"how will I ever leave here?"
I feel like a different person;
Marla BC, Marla AC
the very first morning that I woke up in my hotel room alone 
with all THREE of my children
I felt like a lucky ducky
with all my ducks in a row

I xink I have seen this sign somewhere before...
by the way
there is such a thing as car cologne

and food does not need to have eyes
we have all changed on many levels during this incredible experience
there really is an Ancient Chinese Secret,
Xi Xi gave it to us to take home,
it's great for mosquito bites and works on headaches too
angels appear in unusual places   
with beautiful faces

 and they come from far away places
to bring smiles to our faces

(it's really ok for a Jew-da to receive a blessing in front of three Buddhas)
we must go through the bad times
to get to the better times


  1. Rayne is asking for Sasha to come home on the plane and Auntie Marla too! She wants to play with Sticker Girl asap!!!
    Love to all,

  2. Marla, you are brilliant and incredible.....what else can one say! Your family and all around you are truly lucky to know you! xo nicole s

  3. China indeed becomes a home of sorts and I personally never stop feeling homesick to be there. A simple photo of a street vendor or a little charm hanging in our Chinese restaurant sends pangs through me to be there. After all, you found part of your heart there, and it will be going back to America with you!

  4. Following your journey to Sasha Tian Tian and the beginning of your life with her has been amazing! I understand the beauty of the journey and the incredible feeling you have about your time spent in China. It is a trip that changes your life in so many ways that you will continue to discover. We can look forward to the day that we take Sasha and Lila on a heritage trip. Love to you all,

  5. Another amazing post! I'm happy to have you as a new friend and you're right- China changes you forever! Have a safe trip home!


  6. Marla,
    I have so enjoyed following your journey. Your pictures are incredible and your posts are beautiful. You have made our future trip to meet our daughter feel so much more real! Your children are all precious!
    Debbie W (from BAAS)

  7. Hi, Marla, Time is fast. You are almost coming back! I'm glad you had this great experience in China. Cherish every moment!

    Qing Qing

  8. Marla,
    The connection you have formed not only with your new child, but also her home country, is so moving. It is easy to see you have such incredible depth of heart. You are and always have been such an amazing mother. You have indeed been blessed with the amazing skill of motherhood, and your children are so lucky to have a mother like you. We can't wait for you to come home, and meet Sasha Tian Tian. Elena would love to share her stickers with her.

    Auntie Aliya

  9. You are so inspiring. I think you are wonderful mother.


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