Wednesday, July 07, 2010

School Girl

every morning Sasha gets ready for school...
and then she is very disappointed when we don't go...
in China she went to preschool every day from 8:00 am- 5:30 pm,
so, this is the routine she is used to
so today
I took her to visit her Grammy at "Grammy Camp"

she really liked the little car in the gym

and Grammy showed her the blocks

and the sand box
she sang the ABC's with the class really well
and she read a few books
she played in the little house
(and this little red couch reminded me of something...)

Things are going well here! Sasha Tian Tian's adjustment seems too easy at times! She is very social and loves to be with people. The only thing she is really concerned about is the lack of school. We went to see our pediatrician for a post adopt evaluation and ran many tests. The protocol for a newly adopted child is to have evaluations on all spectrums, so we will see many doctors over the next two weeks. 

Again thank you for the comments and support, we really enjoy reading the comments and appreciate all the private emails as well.

This blog has been a creative outlet for me and a good way for me to sort it all out, keep things in perspective, I decided I will keep it going. 


  1. How wonderful that she is doing so well! Love that she wants to stay in her routine. And love that you are keeping your blog going!

  2. I kept our blog going too after traveling last August. We meet too many cool people in teh adoption community to just let it go! Thanks for sharing.

    Jolene/kccmom on RQ

  3. So glad to read that you will continue to post. We will leave the US to unite out family in 12 days. Our daughter is in Guilin and turns 4 in October. Reading and viewing your experience has been very helpful to me as I prepare for our family's journey. Thank you for your openness and generosity.

  4. I am so glad you are having a smooth transition!!!! I am also VERY happy you will keep your blog going, you are doing such a great job!!!!! Thanks for all of the entertainment and information over the past few weeks, we sure do appreciate it!!!!

  5. I love to read your blog. Thanks for keeping it. Tian Tian looks great and is ajusting smoothly. Enjoy every moment with her. For her everything is new.

    Qing Qing

  6. Please keep it going! It's wonderful to see the progress and her adorable face.

    The pictures of your home are amazing and beautiful. You have lovely taste. I could tell that from your blog :)

    Linda G

  7. So glad to hear that Sasha is adjusting so well !! I'm thrilled for all of you. Love, Aunt Sandi. By the way, I'm enjoying all the adorable pictures!!

  8. Dear Marla and SJ,
    We also would like to welcome your
    new daughter Sasha from China .
    Can't wait to meet the newest member of the Cherrin family.
    All our love to you both.
    Aunt Harriet and Uncle Bob Dunsky

  9. Hi Marla,
    thank you for all the wonderful posting you did!! It was great to check on you guys and see the parts of China we will be visiting!! We leave next Wed. the 14thand are gone till July31st.
    You have a beautiful new daughter!! What a smooth transition for her, you are blessed!!
    We have not got any more news from anyone so we are just hoping for the best!! LISA

  10. Congratulations on your beautiful new daughter! Here's to many many happy years!


  11. Hi Marla,
    I love your blog. I noticed the children were wearing name tags.
    We are leaving next week with our 5yr.old & will be on our 2nd journey to get our
    daughter was is 3 yrs.
    I noticed the children were wearing name tags. Did your agency provide these or did you
    buy them. I think they are a great safety idea. Please let me know.
    Thank you & a big congratulations, she is adorable.
    Regards, Laura

  12. Marla,
    I think you are already back in US now.Congratulations on your cute daughter!

  13. oh I am so glad that she does such a good job , keep going sasha , I am so proud of you . Sweety you are a beautiful angel


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