Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Aberdeen Fishing Village And Ocean Park

One thing we love about our hotel in Hong Kong, the rug in the elevator keeps changing... it's magic! And it keeps us informed.

This is our hotel room, it has two single beds that we pushed together and a roll-away. Very comfortable. A bit messy now.

Today was a wonderful day! It was hot but also breezy and very nice. We went to Aberdeen Fishing Village and took a ride on a wooden boat. It was amazing to see this historic fishing village in contrast to the modern high rise buildings surrounding it. Unfortunately there is a developer trying to get permission from the government to build up the area, and this would be the end of the fishing village and the way of life for the fishermen. The people here live on their boats and fish for grouper and lobster. This tradition has gone on for over 250 years. Hong Kong is 85 percent mountains and 15 percent habitable. The shortage of space often causes a conflict between development and preservation.

the famous floating "Jumbo"

not so sure yet about the ride on this wooden boat
but the driver looks very serious

big nets used to catch lobster

my favorite boat

We left Aberdeen and had a really fun day together at Ocean Park!

red pandas

Ava could ride the bumper boats but Jakey was too tall!

un-lucky ducks
(sorry Jen, I know these are your favorite, but I've been a vegetarian for 29 years)
Ava Rose in bamboo
(notice the strap around his neck Uncle Lou)
beautiful view at Ocean Park

On the way back we stopped at a candy store for some gifts.

cute little jelly animals- love all the details

Back at the hotel, we are exhausted but determined not to have a night like last night...so we will stay awake until 9:00 pm. 

getting excited that we are closer to 
Forever Family Day
my kids are eating Asian cuisine
(I know some of you were very worried...)
Bye for now...
Thanks for all the comments! 
We enjoy knowing you are checking in on us!

5:00 PM Update: 
So much for staying up until 9:00 PM...

But this time they can only have a two hour nap...otherwise we will never set our clocks to China time!


  1. What an incredable day! May God bless your journey!


  2. Yum Chinese food!
    The candy is so pretty!!!!
    Looks like so much fun.

    Hugs- Shelli

  3. You had such a great day! We woke up and checked in on you right away. We wish we were there! Lucie likes the "unlucky ducks" and the candy.

    Love you!

  4. I LOVE looking at the blog everyday. I bet that is the duck that David wanted to feed me! Great pictures!
    You are going to see Tian Tian so soon!

  5. So excited to follow you on this amazing journey! We are planning to fly into Hong Kong as well. So this was a great read today!Looks like you all are having a great time so far and hope you sleep well. We are a waiting BAAS family and so happy for you all!!! Can't wait to read tomorrow!!!

  6. Hi Marla, LOVE your blog and pictures. (I am another BAAS guru) My daughter is also in Nanning... I think we will only travel in December though as our paperwork has taken double the time then last time. Her name is Xia Sun Fen she just turned 8. I hope you have a wonderful trip. Love the pictures!

  7. I'm loving your journey! I've never been to Hong Kong and it looks like so much fun! I'm a RQ friend (dannysgirl) and I can't wait to see your Gotcha Day.

    We will be in China sometime in July to get our second daughter.

    Enjoy your time in China!

  8. Oh my gosh, Marla- Soooo beautiful! Enjoy every minute of China. Can't wait to meet your beautiful daughter! With Love: Paula, Jeffrey, Brendan & Mari

  9. Hi Marla, I wish we were there! WOW what a fun adventure. I hope you are enjoying this special time with Jake and Ava and looking forward to your meeting next Monday! Love you all. :) xo yummy gummies!! love, the schap 5

  10. I will give you a pass then :) In the event that anyone reading this blog has not been a vegetarian for 29 years... YOU GOTTA TRY THE DUCK!!!!!!!

  11. It's amazing! U wrote ur traveling journals. U all looked very nice! N I'm sure u all had fun in China. That was also the most special trip u have ever had! God bless u all!


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