Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So Long Hong Kong

22 days, 5 cities, a 12 hour time difference... I'm thankful that stepping into the elevator here in our hotel helps keep life in perspective!

We are leaving Hong Kong tonight on the overnight train to Guilin, Guangxi Province.  The trian should take about eleven hours, but unlike the airplane, we can stretch out and sleep in beds in a private soft sleeper compartment. 

We are really looking forward to seeing our friend Xi Xi who lives in Guilin. Also, another adoptive family who is spending the summer in China offered to meet us at the train station, help us to the hotel, show us around Guilin. We look forward to meeting them! You can read their blog here: http://redders2china.wordpress.com/  

From here we will travel to Guilin, Liuzhou, Nanning, Guangzhou, and back through Hong Kong on our way home.

Our next update will be from Guilin tomorrow morning!

Zai Jian to Hong Kong and the "concrete jungle", we'll see you again at the end of our trip! 

Panda and baby panda are ready for the train
Sending a message home to SJ and Coconut

Last minute snack, enjoying Victoria Harbour view



  1. So so great!!!!!
    I am on pins and needles.

    I press my refresh button every time I am in front of the computer

    safe travels-


  2. have fun

    hope you have a great time in Guilin ,that is a nice place and can not wait to see Tiantian soon

  3. I cannot wait to see you in Guilin (Our 10 year old daughter is there- we are adopting her in early fall)...Your pictures of the kids in Hong Kong have been wonderful!!!! Marla, You have been a constant source of information for us through the Rumor Queen site and the BAAS site...We cannot wait to see Ava with her sister!!!! Blow a kiss to our daughter, Wei Shasha for us....If XiXi takes you to the half the sky school, let us know what it is like when you get back!!! I am dying here waiting for your arrival!!!!! Mary Kate

  4. Marla, Thanks so much for e-mailing me!!!! I am actually with BAAS, like you, and we got our pre-approval on the same day! I would be forever grateful if you could get a message to Wei Shasha, We have sent a care package, photobook and a couple of letters, but have not gotten an update for several months(Jan-feb)...Her D.O.B is 3-15-2000...She resides in a Grace and Hope foster home, I think...I guess if there was one question for her (I know that would be a long shot)...I would love to know, now that she received the photo album, how does she feel...You know with her being 10 years old, I get worried she will feel different once she actually saw pictures of us....I wrote more on the China adopt talk site, but that was before I read that I should post on here (I think I was a little excited)!!!! Hey, Please do not feel bad if you have no contact I know after adopting our Livi how hard it can be....I am just excited to have contact with you while you are heading to Guilin...I am sure you can relate...I have been waiting for weeks for you to travel! Our blog is very behind, but it is www.soontobefive.shutterfly.com
    I am going to start a blogspot, soon!!!!
    Hugs to you, only a few more days and sh will be in your arms forever!!!!

    Mary Kate

  5. Thinking of you and wishing you the best for your train ride into Guilin! Thank you for keeping us posted on your journey! Can't wait to see pictures of you with Tiantian!

    Monica Kane
    Mom to Larissa (from Guangxi)

  6. We are so excited to share your journey. Lucie loves the blog and says to tell Jakey and Ava she likes the last minute snack. She is very curious about the sleeper compartment so take lots of pics. Closer and closer to Tian Tian!! Have a great trip to Guilin!

  7. Hi Marla, Ava & Jakey,

    Its 1:30 AM and I just got your blog up on my computer. Its fantastic!
    I’m looking forward to today? tomorrow? and/or the next day’s edition with details of your first meeting with my Chinese granddaughter. I dropped SJ off at the airport yesterday, so you should be seeing him soon. I better sign off now and hit the hay or I will be jet lagged by sunrise.

    I love you guys,



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