Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Amazing Day In Nanning

This is beautiful Green Mountain Park in Nanning
incredible views

we visited the Buddhist temple
we lit some incense and made a wish
and my wish came true

our wonderful Xi Xi is with us today

many jars of pickles
there is nothing coy about this pond
we fed the fish
(you should see the one that got away)
sharing fish food

don't laugh, this is what happens when you 
suggest I get into the picture...
a big hat to fill

Mongolian Princesses

learning to dance with Jie Jie
zodiac park
year of the rabbit
year of the monkey
year of the Muncle
year of the horse
I don't give a _ _ _'s _ _ _!
Ha Ha
we went to a restaurant called 
"In The Clouds"

beautiful view of Nanning
this restaurant is located in an apartment building
the rooms and details were lovely

Tian Tian was ready for her nap...
Zai Jian!


  1. All of this planning and I am going to see you in 4 days!!! Leaving for the airport in an hour or so....have scuba gear for Jake and goggles for Ava and SJ Tian Tian.
    Honored that I can experience this most memorable time in your family's life with you.
    Tell Ava and Jake can't wait to see them!
    On The $

  2. On The Money just showed me the obvious - S.J. and S.J. Muncle's gonna start calling Tian Tian "Junior" (that is much later after she's no longer scared of me, since you doubtless inaccurately told her that the monkey is me, the uncle, rather than the nephew and nieces themselves . . .)!
    Thanks for this great update on your experiences. I'll be holding my breath for news about Melanie's experience, so I ask her to email me an update using her netbook.
    Enjoy, enjoy.

  3. Looks like your trip is going excellently!!!


  4. Love the what outfits!!!!! so beautiful.....
    On the Great Wall....we dressed up Rou Rou as the Jade Princess and took pictures. ..It suits you!
    poor Tian Tian...she looks like she is going to burst into tired baby. What a trip!!!!
    Hui Hui told me she is excited to meet Tian Tian before me:)
    I told her we were switching places.....and then we would all come together again....she is excited.

  5. Where can Rayne and I get matching Mongolian Princess dresses :)? Beautiful memories Yeleda!
    Thank you again for making us all feel like we are experiencing this most amazing journey with all of you! xoxo

  6. Jakey and Ava Rose: Grammy misses you very much but I am thrilled seeing how great your trip is and how sweet and loving you are with Mei Mei.
    Marla the photography is spectacular and the blog is pure genius! The Mongolian princess series will make terrific wall art! June 24, 2010

    Love to all, Grammy

  7. Marla-
    I'm so glad you finally got yourself into some pictures! You all look so beautiful and happy. I'm thrilled to see all of you each day having such a good time, and connecting with your amazing new daughter. Every day I wish I could be there with you. I hope you know I am thinking about all of you and can't wait to see more amazing photos from you each day. I bet Tian Tian looks like a little angel when she is taking her naps. It looks like you guys are doing and seeing everything. I'm so proud of you for tackling this adventure with such spirit! I love all of you and can't wait for more great pics, good news, and bright smiles!
    Auntie Aliya

  8. Exquisite pictures. It looks like so much fun. Enjoy this experience. :) See you all soon. xo nicole s


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