Sunday, June 20, 2010


This was a remarkable day. 
It started off with breakfast in our hotel...
With our dear friend Amy 
And Xi Xi joined us

Together with our "dream team" of investigators we went to the train station where Tian Tian was found as a baby

I had the name of both police officers who took her from the train station to the hospital the day she was found abandoned and sick. After speaking with us, the main police chief called the officers to come speak to us at the station. One of the police officers remembered Tian Tian and even remembered that he took her to the hospital. This meeting gave me a lot of answers. We told the policemen they were heroes.

They were so happy to receive the news of her adoption and the photos we showed them of Tian Tian made them so happy. We promised to email some more photos after adoption day.

Later we received a call from the head of the police department, they were very moved by the story and wanted to interview us for television. The police officers were hoping we would come back, but we decided this interview might cause CCAA to lose face, and since Tian Tian is not in our arms yet, it is better to say no under these circumstances.
We also drove by the Social Welfare Institute 
Collecting pieces of the puzzle.
Now where are we? An aquarium?

This is a beautiful restaurant  in Liuzhou

On our way to Nanning!


  1. Amazing! What an emotional day. So glad you were able to do this. What a gift!

  2. What a gift you gave those officers. I am sure it will change their lives forever.
    Just incredible.
    night night....sweet dreams.


  3. WoW!
    That is remarkable! What a special thing you did for the officers as they did for Tian TIan!
    One question...what is that chicken/pig thing to the right on the table and did Marla eat it???:)

  4. Wow Marla! I have chills! Incredible photos too. I cannot wait to see Nanning again and especially Tian Tian! Hope you are sleeping!


  5. I am anxiously awaiting the news of your daughter in your arms. : ) I love you all and think that you are on an incredible journey that looks absolutely life changing and amazing. xoxo post soon. Welcome Tian Tian!! Nicole and Family

  6. I saw your post on RQ and just had to visit your blog. "Simply beautiful" is all I can say! How wonderful that you were able to visit these important places in Tian Tian's life. Such a beautiful little girl! I can't wait to see her in the arms of her family. :-)

    Sending lots of well wishes from our BAAS family to yours...

    The Church Family

  7. The journey your family is taking is extraordinary. We are anxiously awaiting the newest member of our family with open arms. With love and xoxo to all of you, Aunti Renee, Uncle Craig, Jonah, Sophie and Molly

  8. That is so cool that you got to meet those officers! Amazing Marla! I'm so happy for your journey!

  9. Marla you made a very right decision that not take the interview for television. They are not moved by the story but find it a good chance to enlarge the image of the government. I am so happy that you and tian tian was not used by them. Your are a great mother that do everything for kids' benefit, but the government just for their own benefit, always being indifferent of the kids' feeling when bring their own lives in to public.


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