Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Sasha Jade ChunTian
"Tian Tian"

Yesterday was a blur of emotions. Our agency guide took us to the Civil Affairs office at 3:15 pm. Civil Affairs was in a very crowded and hot old hotel. We rode up the elevator and I kept thinking "Wait I didn't even have time to get my epidural." We were all very nervous and worried about Tian Tian's adjustment. We walked into the hallway and we heard many children and babies crying, this again reminded me of the nursery in the hospital. Then around the corner in walks a little doll wearing bright pink and pony tails! She recognized us right away and said  "MaMa JieJie GeGe" and let us pick her up! Jakey and Ava were a huge hit! She was delighted to see them! After a few shocked moments came many tears that broke our hearts to watch. She was very attached to foster family and cried for them. In between crying she stopped to laugh and play with Jake and Ava. We were surprised about how much she laughs and how much she talks! She screams in delight when she sees the kids. Bringing them on this trip was the best plan, I can't imagine going through this process without them to share it all with. We drove back to the hotel and the balloons waiting in our hotel room were a huge hit! So was the beach ball. We opened the backpacks that the AiYi's from Tian Tian's SWI gave to us and put all her photo books and her clothes on her bed with her, creating a "space" for her. She loved it. She laughed and laughed and laughed, but some of the laughter then turned into tears. A little later we found out she knows how to use a western toilet! Hurray! We went to eat in the hotel but Tian Tian only had a few bites of food. We are dealing with some behavioral issues such as hitting. We already have a system in place- if she tries to hit one of us I say "bu da!" (don't hit) and the kids immediately turn around and walk out of the room, so she is left without anyone to play with. The only problem is that when we are out people think we are praying to Buddha! This is working really well, we already see a change in one day. Tian Tian does everything herself; she tells us exactly what she wants, and we understand her. She's a strong-willed little girl! She is also very sweet and so affectionate. She's appropriately apprehensive towards strangers, but quick to warm up when she senses it is safe. She has not been afraid of us or shy for even a minute. Last night after dinner she let us give her a shower, and laughed and laughed and laughed her big belly laugh the whole time. Jake and Ava were on the floor laughing too. She went to bed next to me and slept like a rock all night. This morning she didn't seem confused or sad when she woke up like I expected, as soon as she opened her eyes she smiled at me and looked around for GeGe and JieJie. We went to the next room to wake them both up and they had so much fun. 

We went to breakfast in the hotel at the buffet and saw some other adoptive families, I had met both families online before the trip. 

This morning we went back to the Civil Affairs office to complete the adoption paperwork and for an interview. 

Tian Tian had her footprint taken.
We spoke to the AiYi's from Tian Tian's SWI and asked a few questions about her. They gave us some gifts and a few of Tian Tian's favorite toys, and a photo album. Tian Tian hasn't asked for her foster family since yesterday when we first met her, and I find this to be unusual and a bit disturbing. I know she was very attached to her foster family and she will grieve for certain. Tian Tian is smaller and shorter than we expected and wears a size 3T. A couple of times she put her backpack on and told us to take her to school, then went to get another backpack to give JieJie and she said " let's go JieJie"! She loves school!

We had lunch near our hotel, Tian Tian was exhausted.

Tian Tian's taking a nap now.
More updates later...
Thank you for all the comments, we have read them ALL and appreciate all the love and support.


  1. It sounds like things are going great:)
    Loving her "new" name, too!
    Tian Tian sounds a lot like Liya. Bu Da was the most spoken phrase in the hotel the first week, lol! I can tell you that the hitting has almost gone away entirely already, and we've had Liya for just 2 months. I'm sure TT will figure out that it's no fun to play alone REALLY quick;)
    Congrats again, and remember to enjoy *every second* of your first weeks together....it goes by so fast!!

  2. I like the name for Tiantian. It is a beautiful name. I believe that we did great for the pre-work, so Tiantian seems to know you and the family for a long time.It is so interesting that she called all of you immedietaly when you showed up. She is such a sweet girl. I just wish that I was there. See you soon! Amy D.

  3. Great narrative, thanks for the inside story today. What a wonderful start for all. Keep it coming, sis.

  4. Ni hao Tian Tian from your very excited cousins, Lucie and Lila XinYu. You are such a beautiful girl with a wonderful smile, and we can't wait to meet you and hear your belly laugh. Lila has one too. Sending lots of love to you and your family!

  5. Great job Marla, SJ, Jakey and Ava!!!!!
    Yes, it is amazing how quickly bonding and attachment of a young child is especially if you are there for them and meeting their needs. Your family has done an amazing job with this. I recall with both Rou Rou and Hui Hui is was also immediate. It is interesting I also recall that I was a bit "puzzled" by it. Much of it is the age. There does not seem to be formal object permanence....memories merge. You have also been a part of her life for the past 6 months and that is a huge part of her. I recall the confusion and crying came with not understanding what was happening next. Please ask the guide to explain the transportation you are taking etc....especially the plane...
    The hotel is now home. Oh...and also SJ leaving that may be huge and confusing. You are doing GREAT!!! GIve Sasha Jade (the new SJ) a huge hug from all of us!!!!!
    Hugs- Shleli

  6. Wow, many of us from RQ are for certain following your journey. What an incredible family and such a beautiful one! It brings joy to watch your journey.

  7. I LOVE the looks that Ava and Jakey have on their faces when they look at her. It reminds me our our trip to get Megan; Matthew and Mary Alice were about the same ages and it was such a joy to have them along.

    Sasha looks like she is adjusting so well. It's great to see she was so well prepared, and so were you.


  8. She is just such a beautiful Sasha. I am touched when i read your posts. I think that you have done so much work over this last year to prepare her and yourselves. What you have done for all of the children is incredible and you are the best and most amazing mother. I think Sasha senses how safe and good you and SJ are. Children have remarkable intuition. I am so happy for you all that you decided to take this journey. Ava, Jake and Sasha are very natural looking together. All my love and hugs to you as a new forever family! :) xo Nicole and The Schapira 5

  9. Fantastic!! Thanks for sharing all the detail.

    baas group

  10. We want to welcome our new Grand Daughter Tian Tian into our lives and to her new world! waiting for with much love in our hearts Grammy (Nai Nai) and Dave xoxo

  11. I love all the pictures I think She is getting used of you ..that is go great

  12. Hi, Marla, I love to read your story and watch pictures again and again. My kids ask me "Mommy why are you crying?" Oh, everthing touches my heart. Your family did a wonderful job. I know you work so hard and prepare everthing and learn Chinese to talk to Sasha. You are an amazing mom. Sasha knows it and she can feel it. Don't be surprised she didn't miss her foster family because she knows you are her real family. She is a luck girl.

    Qing Qing

    I am happy for you having everything went smoothly so far. Looks like Sasha loves all of you and takes you as her own family. Two thumbs up for having Jacky and Ava traveling with you. It's good for Sasha having them to play with. In no time, she will forget about her foster family. Kids stick with kids. Good luck and hope to see you back soon.


  13. Welcome Tian Tian, to the BAAS family! What wonderful news to see how great Tian Tian is doing! She is a brave girl and so sweet! Marla, your posts are great. Thank you for allowing us to follow on your journey. We will be starting ours in just two weeks right there in Nanning! I'm writing down "bu da" and taking notes! So happy for your family!
    Sherri Smith


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