Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wednesday In Guangzhou

Today started with breakfast 
and a walk around the hotel garden

followed by some dancing in the lobby

Sasha and Mommy needed to leave for the
official swearing in ceremony at the 
United States Consulate

and then we had a celebration dinner 
on the 30th floor of the hotel

we enjoyed the view 
and the revolving restaurant was fun

our dear Xi Xi 
eating something that could watch her eat 
shrimp eyes
we were on top of the world

(this was a rare and wonderful moment)

everyone joining in on the brotherly love fest

we were having so much fun 
we decided to take a late night swim

''Call the clan,
call the tribe, 
call the network, 
call the family,
whatever you call it, 
you need one.''


  1. It's all officially official now and celebrated with dinner and a night swim (including more photos of you again, thanks OnTheMoney). Perfect! How can something as good as your in-country China experience come to an end? Fortunately, it's really just the beginning.
    (Remember big bro's advice: beware the luggage carriers at the Guangzhou train station -- they'll dump your stuff at the top of the final staircase where you then experience your last famous Chinese line crush before you face a mad-dash downstairs rush to the train for seating on the short Hong Kong trip. Maybe don't pay them 100% up front.)
    Keep those posts coming. Tell us about your fun in the concrete jungle.

  2. Marla and family,
    Each day I can't wait to see the new days post and photos. You are one amazing photographer!!!
    and you have such a wonderful way with words. I have watched your amazing journey unfold, and somehow I feel I was there with you.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Kay Sobol

  3. Love the sweet little smile and So great to see XiXi... our son calls her "XiXi Ayi" we are waiting on TA for our 3rd... congratulations on adding a fabulous child!!
    Missy - Mom to 2 home & 1 waiting in Long Gang

  4. Love love love opening my reader and seeing your posts! Looks like you all had a great day!!! Wondering what size dresses Sasha is wearing??? Is she 3 already??? trying to figure out what size my daughter will need.

  5. Congratulations on the swearing in ceremony! You look like such a happy family. It fills my heart with joy to see all the wonderful smiles on all of your faces. You are an amazing group of people.

    Auntie Aliya

  6. Please make me one thousand copies of THE BROTHERLY LOVE FEST. Especially the RARE AND WONERFUL MOMENT OF AVA AND JAKEY HUGGING! Ava Rose you look so beautiful in your pink Chinese dress. Glad you'll be home soon. Your favorite sea shell pasta will be waiting for you, do you think Sasha will like it too? Love Grammy 6-30-2010

  7. Enjoying the posts everyday. When you get home, I want to learn more about how you are able to post so many photos to Blogger. And apparently, no access problems for you? Can't wait to learn all that.

    Linda G. BAAS friend

  8. Lovely, see you all soon! Love, Amy D.

  9. Awww, so fun! I love that you all are enjoying every second. Your time there is a treasure!

  10. Wonderful picture! Especially the one where you and your three kids are in the swimming pool.Look at those funny, happy, big smiles and enjoying faces. You are an amazing family.

    Qing Qing


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