Monday, June 21, 2010



Today I kissed an angel. 
I knew it from the start. 

The first time my angel smiled at me, 

I gave away my heart.  

Today I kissed an angel, 
this angel child of mine. 
Though not of my creation, 
my child by divine design. 

Today I kissed an angel. 
My heart is dancing wild, 
our family by a miracle, 
made complete by a precious child.  

~~~~~~~~~June 21, 2010~~~~~~~~~~


  1. What a wonderful day and you get the prize for the most pics! I LOVE IT!!!! thanks for sharing and allowing us to see your precious day. Your daughter is beautiful and can't wait to watch the rest of your journey... makes our wait all the more bearable!

  2. What a beautiful story! I'm happy for you and your family! Tiantian is blessed to be your daughter.

    May your journey be great! Love...

  3. This IS really happening!!!! There are no words to do this post justice....just so happy for you all. Tian Tian looks beautiful, joyful, and thrilled to be with all. Enjoy :-)
    Please give your girl a special squeeze from me!

  4. So so wonderful! Tears of happiness! We love you all!
    Auntie, Muncle, Lucie and Lila

  5. Truly a beautiful family! We love following your blog. Shay especially loved the balloon pictures and Ava's "Big Sister" Pj's.

  6. Now Muncle has another monkey to uncle: Jakey-monkey, Ava-monkey and now TianTian-monkey!

  7. Soooo happy for you!!!! She is gorgeous and to see her with the kids- priceless! I hope she sleeps well tonight! I can't wait to show Amanda the photos after camp! Congrats you guys! Just love her up!


  8. Congratulations!
    She is so beautiful & looks like she has the best big brother & sister!
    I love following your journey...thanks for sharing.
    ~Anne (another BAAS family)

  9. Just back from my meeting with the school principal....ran to the computer...Pictures! Smiling faces!!!! Happy family day!!!!!!
    We all love them. So excited to see more.
    Sweet dreams!
    Hugs- Shelli

  10. oh...also...I love that Sj looks so natural with Tian Tian and she seems so content in his arms. Hui HUi would not let me hold her for several days...but she too was a baba's girl.
    Looking forward to more!

  11. I love the variety of emotions she is showing. And the pictures of Jake and Ava enjoying her. So precious. Congratulations to all of you. She is just beautiful.

    Another waiting BAAS family.

  12. We have tears of happiness! So amazing. We can't wait to meet Tian Tian. Absolutely beautiful and obvious she loves her family!
    Joy, Rayne & Freddy

  13. An amazing picture journal....You all look so happy, we are so happy for you!!!!!! Mary Kate

  14. If a picture is worth a thousand words..your photos are an epic novel! This day was almost a year in planning and everything you did to prepare Tian Tian and your family for today seems to be well worth the efforts! She is beautiful and I hope the next days go well!

  15. Dear family I bet she will be happy with her new home. When will Ava and Tian Tian could sleep over? Tell me what you see in china? From Dara

  16. Marla,
    Tian is just beautiful!!!! What a wonderful forever family day! She looks so at peace with her new family.
    How blessed you all are!

  17. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing all of the emotions of the day! What a beautiful family! I wish you much happiness!!

  18. I can't stop looking at the pictures. She is so fabulous!!!!!
    I just noticed all the girls color coordinated their outfits:)

    It is 200 am your time....but I am sure I will be looking at these pictures for hours.
    Rou Rou and Hui Hui wanted to know if you were now home so they can come over and play;)
    Hugs- Shelli

  19. Tian Tian looks great and happy.When I saw Jake and Eva held Tian Tian's hand and played with her, that touched my heart. You have precious children.
    ~~~What a wonderful lovely family.~~~
    Qing Qing

  20. Jakey and Ava,
    I bet your happy with your new sister! :) Is she adorable? Does she cry a lot and does she speak English?
    ~Kathie and Mitchell

  21. That took my breath away...For once, I have no words.................Hugs, Nicole

  22. OH MY GOSH!! She is a beauty. I love all the photos.

    BAAS group

  23. isn't she gorgeous! Looks like everyone is having a wonderful time ....Congratulations! Catherine

  24. Beautiful! Your family is gorgeous - it looks like jiejie and gege were able to make her smile lots! Enjoy the trip - it goes by so fast!
    ps...Marla - I love that you and Tian Tian have matching outfits for Gotcha Day :)
    Deb Beaulieu

  25. To our new Grand-Daughter Tian Tian, with much love we welcome you to our lives and to your new world. Have a safe journey home! Waiting for you with love,Grammy(Nai Nai) and Dave June 21, 2010

  26. Marla so so awesome! I am so happy for you... she is a doll. I can't wait till I am there getting my little one! Love the pictures, it melts my heart with the big sis letter... CONGRATS

  27. To our new grand-daughter Tian Tian with much love we welcome you into our lives and to your new world. Have a safe journey home! waiting for you with love, Grammy(Nai Nai) and Dave

  28. Oh my gosh, Marla....she is a living DOLL!! So beautiful!!
    Congratulations again!

  29. Dear Marla

    I saw the beautiful pictures on your blog ```Tian tian is so cute . Ava and Jack are so nice , they played together so well ```i am moving that Tian tian is the forever family member now , she can get more love and care from the kind family ``hope you have a wonderful trip . Miss you ^^ and can not wait to see all of you ``


  30. Congratulations, she looks like she is going to be a Dadddy's girl!

  31. Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us on RQ. I'm crying like a baby with joy for your family and for your sweet new daughter. It will be hard for her at first but it looks like your children will make the transition easier for her. God Bless!!

    DD Lily Mei QianYue Forever Family 3/16/09

  32. What an absolutely beautiful family!!! Tears of joy are flowing for all of you! We can't wait to meet Tian Tian. Please tell her that Alex and Olivia want a playdate with her, Jake and Ava soon after your return!

    Dan, Debbie, Alexandria and Olivia

  33. My prayers are with you every step of the journey!
    She is so blessed to have such a loving family!
    Blessings to all of you, Nancy Thomas

  34. marla...
    she is absolutely beautiful!! congratulations to you and your family. i hope to get to meet her one of these days.
    much love!!


  35. Congrats! What a beautiful family you have!

  36. Thank you for sharing your amazing story with your family at Hillel Day School. We are very excited to meet you soon. Congratulations!! Paula Levy, Yael and Ilan Elrom (5th grade)

  37. Your journey and this beautiful child have moved me to tears. God bless you all for adding this adorable angel to your family. Congratulations to you all.


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