Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Always With You

Once upon a time, not so very long ago                               
In a land far away that was very close to home                     
A beautiful baby was born by the light of the moon             
And blessed by the Spirit of Love.                                        
Fireflies danced and lanterns glowed,                                   
The stars kept watch and all creatures sang                          
For it is always a joy when a new life comes!
And a whisper was spoken into the night 
“I will always be with you.”
From the very beginning,                                             
The baby’s heart had everything it would need
To greet its amazing life;                                      
Courage and strength,                                              
Stillness and peace
Delight and joy, 
And Oh, 
So much love!
At the same time                                                                                                 
in a place as distant as the starry sky                     
and as close as breath                                          
A family was waiting                                             
Waiting with warmth and kindness 
Waiting with wide arms and open hearts
Waiting with more love 
Than they could hold between them.
And in the kindness of all who surrounded them
The Spirit of Love whispered 
“I will always be with you.”
One blustery day as the wind whispered in the trees            
The people who had brought the baby to the door of life 
Sat by the light of the moon for the longest time thinking.
They knew in their hearts                                                           
that the family was meant to love the baby too
and to care for it more than they ever could.                       
They knew that meant they must let the baby go                 
To find the ones who were waiting to love it.                    
And so they prayed a prayer 
that the baby would stay safe and loved.
And a tear ran down their cheeks
Into the ocean of sorrow which washes the shore of life
And the Spirit of Love whispered in the waves
“I will always be with you.”

In the time that followed,                                                       
There were moments when the baby was afraid and lonely
But the baby grew strong inside, and had courage               
The baby sang songs to sing away the fear                                    
And dreamed dreams of wondrous places  
Cozy beds and yummy food
Home that was waiting and family to love.                              
And all through that time
The Spirit of Love never left the baby’s side
The family, too dreamed dreams
Of the sound of children laughing
And soft breathing at night 
Small hands holding tightly
And joy in the morning 
And all through that time
They, too were held by the Spirit of Love. 
And the people who had given the baby life had dreams, too.
They dreamed that the baby and the family found each other
They dreamed of a better life for everyone   
They dreamed of happy endings
The Spirit of Love came to them in their dreams
and whispered that ‘All would be well.’
And somehow the baby found the way
To a place where beds were safe and warm
Mornings were filled with light and laughter  
And nights with playfulness and peace 
The baby looked up into faces of kindness
And saw the Spirit of Love there, too.  
It was a good place on the way
To home and family
Who knows by what magic 
The baby and the family found each other?
They may have been joined 
Since the first drop fell into the ocean,
The first mountain rose to the sky 
Or the first ray of sun shone over the earth
Or it may just have been that the baby needed a family 
And the family needed a baby

And so the Spirit of Love set about making all things ready
For the family and the baby to find each other.
A single thread was spun between their hearts 
That could never be broken
And all those who loved them saw it and rejoiced
Tears of joy and sadness flowing together into one river 
That carried them to each other on the warm wind.

And the family who was waiting
Flew to the baby’s side
Together they went home
While hellos and goodbyes 
Rang across the land with love
And the Spirit of Love whispered
“I was always with you."

Now this might be your story, 
or the story of someone you know
It might be the story of someone you will never know.
For every life is rich with Mystery,  
There are questions that can never be answered
and answers that may never be known.
But this is true and has always been so
Love can find you wherever you are
And the Spirit of Love is always with you. 
Allison Mary Barrett      for Jiao Jiao     2009 

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  1. This is one of the most beautiful things i have read, how thoughtful and sweet. :) I hope your travels are going well and bringing you closer to your destiny. xo nicole


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