Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today In Nanning

We are all getting to know Sasha Tian Tian and she is getting to know us. She screams in sheer delight when she sees JieJie and GeGe, even if they have only been away for a couple minutes. She has loyalty to her foster mother and sometimes she likes me, other times she calls me Aiyi (Auntie) and then we remind her I am Mama and she furrows her eyebrows...those eyebrows I have been staring at for I am happy to see them even in a furrow...! But then smiles a sly smile at me and laughs. 
Those eyebrows.....
I am thankful she had a loving foster mother and that she was so well prepared for her adoption. She came to use with over 100 photos, some clothing, many of the photo albums we sent to her over the past few months, and 3 backpacks. She likes to keep her "dongxi" (things) organized and near her bed. She likes to collect crackers and put some into her red backpack. We let her do whatever makes her feel secure.  I am thankful for the love and care she was given. Our friend Xi Xi is with us and she said she is adjusting the best she has seen. This is a strong remark since Xi Xi has facilitated adoptions for 10 years and has seen thousands of children. Tian Tian is constantly singing Chinese nursery rhymes in a tiny little voice. I mean constantly. It is so sweet. She learns very quickly when we sing to her, we have been singing the ABC's and she's catching on. She loves the elevator and you can hear her scream and laugh all through the hotel. She also loves any kind of thrill or any kind of funny or fast motion that I would have assumed she might be afraid of. She loves the escalator. She is a great sleeper and still naps every day for about an hour and a half. Today we went to the brand new Guangxi Minority Museum. Since we are in Nanning, the capital of the Guangxi Province, this is where the museum is located.
Big Sister/Little Sister stroller

Another Harry Potter fan club

We had dinner at the most beautiful restaurant 

Just what are these three conspiring about?

Walking around the streets of Nanning

Tian Tian needed a new pair of shoes...

Then she was ready to play!

Another wonderful day.... Wan An!


  1. Dear Marla, S.J., Jake, Ava and Tian Tian
    What a wonderful day you had. Your photos are great and you have captured so many amazing moments! Tian Tian seems to be adjusting so well and you are all having so much fun - it warms my heart to see. Wenjuan also told me she has been following your blog and can't wait to meet everyone soon. Marla - I love to read your very special comments and you must be so proud of your family. Carol Benton

  2. I love this amazing family. Nicole s.

  3. I am really enjoying following your journal. You have some of the most beautiful pictures I've ever seen. My oldest daughter was 5 at adoption and had been in a foster home too. She called me "ayi mama" for a while. I think that helped her separate me from her foster mom in her mind. That lasted for several months. Now I am just mama or mommie. ;)

  4. This is a great post, and thank you for taking time to catch us up in some detail on your family's adjustment. It's reassuring to have your guide and helper give such nice insight, and you certainly worked to produce these early results.

  5. Yeleda!!! And Yeledim too! it's like Sasha (love) has always been a part of the family. so happy for everyone! does she realize that her borther is a movie star?! Waiting for yoru return. xoxo Joy

  6. The New Minority Museum looks wonderful! Can't wait to go back for a visit. Love all the photos- the one of Tian Tian with the flowers in the background is beautiful!


  7. I am so happy to hear that Sasha Tian Tian is adjusting so well. I'm sure it had so much to do with your amazing level of preparation Marla. All of you look so great and happy in the photos. You are doing a great job with your updates. I feel like I am a part of your journey. I love you all and miss you so much! Love, Aliya

  8. oh...take lots and lots of family photos of all of you. YOu will want to use them later:) really:)

  9. hi its johanna :) tian tian is soooooooooo cute :) i love her smile :) can not wait to meet her :) she looks like a very nice gal :) i miss you guys :) Hope you're having fun :) see you soon :)

    - johanna :)

  10. and now its jeremy congratulations on the new addition to the family. i think its kind of funny how meimei and jeijei have matching cloths. Tiantian looks to be a nice girl. so if you want can could you teach me some chinese and is nehow chinese for hello or is that japenese? also say hi to sasha for me. yeah i think i got all of her nemes down and maybe when you get back we can do something. what does jetlag feel like? so tiantian is like three years old right now? i feel so happy for you. and if you want to get away from the family you know who to call!Ihope ypu are having fun on your trip it sure looks like fun oh and nice shoes. what would my name be in chinese do you know? i have to go to bed know see you later and have fun with the rest of you're trip!


  11. Hi and congratulations on your beautiful daughter! My name is Stacey, and Shelli sent me the link to your blog. We adopted our son Samuel Wen Feng from Nanning 5/2007, so I have enjoyed looking at your blog. Hannah was our guide in Nanning, but Xi Xi was our guide in GZ. I don't know if she will remember us, but she might since Samuel was sick at the time. If you would, tell her he is happy, healthy, smart, and stubborn, He is very much looking forward to becoming a big brother in the next month. We hope to have our TA anytime. Congratulations again. Your daughter looks just wonderful! Stacey

  12. Marla and family, Thank you for sharing this most
    precious journey. Am loving all the beautiful
    photos, and my favorite is Tian Tian in front of
    the pink blossom tree. For years ahead, it would
    be fun to record T T's little voice singing her
    Chinese songs. Safe travels home.
    MM, Buckwheat the Nanday's mom, from Vancouver,Wa.

  13. Marla....I was just looking at your pictures again and saw the 2 Maio Friendship balls in the museum. The Guanxi province has many many minority groups. It is hard to find these authentic Maio friendship balls. I bought them one year from an importer and gave them as CNY gifts and adoption gifts. Just in case you see anyone selling and you are interested.
    -hugs Shel

  14. Sasha Tiantian, you should listen to your mama and baba. guai...mama in Liuzhou


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